First Days of School – Expectation vs. Reality

Kids with learning differences have high expectations for the first days of school. They usually start out the school year with the mindset that they will ace every class, do all of their homework as soon as they get it and make their parents and teachers proud. They believe this because this year will be Read more about First Days of School – Expectation vs. Reality[…]

Bullying and ADHD

bul-ly – ˈbo͝olē/ (verb) gerund or present participle: bullying 1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. This definition is self explanatory for the average person on the street, but when it comes to those suffering with ADHD and their families it has Read more about Bullying and ADHD[…]

Teachers and ADD, Dyslexia and the related disorders

This is really a “mixed bag” to be sure. Most parents believe that “all” teachers understand and know how to teach this population. That is why it is such a big surprise when the teachers are not measuring up to the parent’s expectations. The parent’s feel somehow betrayed when the teacher expresses to mom or Read more about Teachers and ADD, Dyslexia and the related disorders[…]

The Lifespan of ADHD

While working with ADHD individuals for years now, the common questions that seems to to surface over and over again are, “Why me?” or “How could this have happened to my son or daughter and when will they outgrow it?” As I have mentioned in past blogs, ADHD rarely lives alone. Remember that along with Read more about The Lifespan of ADHD[…]

Living without brakes – ADHD

I am currently writing a book for the adult with ADHD. In doing some research I found a great book with the title ADHD Living Without Brakes by Martin Kutscher M.D. Here is a great explanation of executive function for both children and adults. Hope you like it. “No single part of the human brain Read more about Living without brakes – ADHD[…]

New info on Genetics/ADHD and Medications

There has been a wonderful breakthrough in the area of ADHD, genetics and medication. It is now possible for doctors to simply take a cheek squab and check the individuals DNA to determine which ADHD medication is compatible with their particular DNA. This is huge for this population. Now there is no need to wonder Read more about New info on Genetics/ADHD and Medications[…]

Improving Social Relationships for Adult with ADHD

ADHD individuals can be a real joy to have around when it comes to creating adventures, partying, or even coming up with grand ideas to implement in starting a new business. But when it comes to sustaining long term relationships inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and distractibility can really put a damper on things. During this blog I Read more about Improving Social Relationships for Adult with ADHD[…]

Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person

When asked what the definition of what ADHD is, most people believe that they just can’t focus and they seem to just be impulsive. In fact, the science has shown us that the anterior cingulate cortex is involved with ADHD causing poor emotional control as well as poor executive functioning. (This would include any type Read more about Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person[…]

Tools for ADHDers who have trouble waking up…

I had such a great response to my post about sleep and ADHD that I thought I would share with you some of the tools that work for others struggling with the same issue. Here are two clocks that work for the hard to wake as well as those who prefer to wake without becoming Read more about Tools for ADHDers who have trouble waking up…[…]