First Days of School – Expectation vs. Reality

Kids with learning differences have high expectations for the first days of school. They usually start out the school year with the mindset that they will ace every class, do all of their homework as soon as they get it and make their parents and teachers proud. They believe this because this year will be Read more about First Days of School – Expectation vs. Reality[…]

Marijuana and ADHD

This is always a hot topic, but especially for the ADHD community. The facts speak for themselves. Dr. Kenny shared some great information on this subject. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Let me know what you think. “Here are some facts regarding ADHD and substance use disorders (SUD): 20-30% of Read more about Marijuana and ADHD[…]

Dyslexia – the misconceptions and realities (part 2)

Among, the many misconceptions of dyslexia are 1.) The individual is not very smart, 2.) they will have no comprehension, 3.) they can’t spell for anything, and most importantly, 4.) they won’t be able to read and therefore won’t succeed. The actual realities concerning dyslexics are, they can 1.) See things three dimensionally. This is Read more about Dyslexia – the misconceptions and realities (part 2)[…]

Living without brakes – ADHD

I am currently writing a book for the adult with ADHD. In doing some research I found a great book with the title ADHD Living Without Brakes by Martin Kutscher M.D. Here is a great explanation of executive function for both children and adults. Hope you like it. “No single part of the human brain Read more about Living without brakes – ADHD[…]

Summertime and the challenges of ADHD

It is hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. It should be a time of lazy days and fun filled adventures for you and your kids. This is not always the case for kids with ADHD and their parents. It is a time of year that can really bring about stress and Read more about Summertime and the challenges of ADHD[…]

Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person

When asked what the definition of what ADHD is, most people believe that they just can’t focus and they seem to just be impulsive. In fact, the science has shown us that the anterior cingulate cortex is involved with ADHD causing poor emotional control as well as poor executive functioning. (This would include any type Read more about Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person[…]


In working with adults with ADHD, one thread of similarity seems to be most consistent within this population. That seems to be the inability to notice what and when ADHD becomes a problem. When the brain is moving at lightening speed all of the time, it becomes difficult to tease out what is truly important Read more about NOTICING YOUR ADULT ADHD[…]

Sleep and ADHD – One Big Struggle

Sleep and ADHD often times seem to go hand in hand. We know that ADHD usually does not live alone. As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, it can be intertwined with dyslexia, auditory processing, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and a host of other challenges. Recently, I have really noticed many of my students struggling with Read more about Sleep and ADHD – One Big Struggle[…]

Consistency and ADHD – Great tools for success

With the New Year upon us, making new beginnings seem like the right thing to do. But to ADDers planning seems like such a waste of time. Often they become bored and just keep being drawn toward the thing or activity that seems to stimulate them the most. I have worked with hundreds of ADDers’ Read more about Consistency and ADHD – Great tools for success[…]