ADHD Entrepreneur’s 101

Believe it or not most Entrepreneur’s are ADHD. They are usually great self-starters and love a good challenge. But what separates them from being a good entrepreneur from being a great entrepreneur. The answer to that question is understand your ADHD and how to make it work for you. In the next few blogs I Read more about ADHD Entrepreneur’s 101[…]

Identifying Leaning Differences at One Year – Is it possible?

Neuroscience has made great in roads in understanding how the brain learns. In doing so, they have also been able to create a clearer view when it comes to learning differences entering the world of a child. These specific learning differences include ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia (difficulty with writing), dyscalculia (difficulty with math) and the related Read more about Identifying Leaning Differences at One Year – Is it possible?[…]

TED talk on Dyslexia

This is one of the best explanations for dyslexia in a long time. It is simple and to the point. If all teachers could have this understanding perhaps classrooms would be more effective for this population. I would love to hear your feedback after you take a look.

Bullying and ADHD

bul-ly – ˈbo͝olē/ (verb) gerund or present participle: bullying 1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. This definition is self explanatory for the average person on the street, but when it comes to those suffering with ADHD and their families it has Read more about Bullying and ADHD[…]

Marijuana and ADHD

This is always a hot topic, but especially for the ADHD community. The facts speak for themselves. Dr. Kenny shared some great information on this subject. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Let me know what you think. “Here are some facts regarding ADHD and substance use disorders (SUD): 20-30% of Read more about Marijuana and ADHD[…]

Dyslexia – the misconceptions and realities (part 2)

Among, the many misconceptions of dyslexia are 1.) The individual is not very smart, 2.) they will have no comprehension, 3.) they can’t spell for anything, and most importantly, 4.) they won’t be able to read and therefore won’t succeed. The actual realities concerning dyslexics are, they can 1.) See things three dimensionally. This is Read more about Dyslexia – the misconceptions and realities (part 2)[…]

Part two on Executive Function

In my last blog I posed the question, “If someone is struggling with challenges with executive function, then how can they find success and happiness in their personal and professional relationships? There are a sequence of answers. I wish that I could say that there is a simple answer, but unfortunately that is not the Read more about Part two on Executive Function[…]

Tools for ADHDers who have trouble waking up…

I had such a great response to my post about sleep and ADHD that I thought I would share with you some of the tools that work for others struggling with the same issue. Here are two clocks that work for the hard to wake as well as those who prefer to wake without becoming Read more about Tools for ADHDers who have trouble waking up…[…]

Response to :Drowned in Prescriptions (New York Times 2/3/13)

This article describes a family who has gone to their local psychiatrist to receive medication for their sons ADHD. As the years roll on and the boy enters his teen years and finally college the family notices many changes. Some are for the better and others not so much. Still the parents (and the boy) Read more about Response to :Drowned in Prescriptions (New York Times 2/3/13)[…]