ADHD Entrepreneur’s 101

Believe it or not most Entrepreneur’s are ADHD. They are usually great self-starters and love a good challenge. But what separates them from being a good entrepreneur from being a great entrepreneur. The answer to that question is understand your ADHD and how to make it work for you. In the next few blogs I Read more about ADHD Entrepreneur’s 101[…]

ADHD, Tests, School Conferences and oh yeah, PROCRASTINATION

It is that time of year again. Most students are studying hard as their first round of tests are coming due. Many parents are believing that this year their child will finally get it together and come out on top with the grades that they know that they can achieve. However, deep inside both parents Read more about ADHD, Tests, School Conferences and oh yeah, PROCRASTINATION[…]

Marijuana and ADHD

This is always a hot topic, but especially for the ADHD community. The facts speak for themselves. Dr. Kenny shared some great information on this subject. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Let me know what you think. “Here are some facts regarding ADHD and substance use disorders (SUD): 20-30% of Read more about Marijuana and ADHD[…]

Teachers and ADD, Dyslexia and the related disorders

This is really a “mixed bag” to be sure. Most parents believe that “all” teachers understand and know how to teach this population. That is why it is such a big surprise when the teachers are not measuring up to the parent’s expectations. The parent’s feel somehow betrayed when the teacher expresses to mom or Read more about Teachers and ADD, Dyslexia and the related disorders[…]

Response to :Drowned in Prescriptions (New York Times 2/3/13)

This article describes a family who has gone to their local psychiatrist to receive medication for their sons ADHD. As the years roll on and the boy enters his teen years and finally college the family notices many changes. Some are for the better and others not so much. Still the parents (and the boy) Read more about Response to :Drowned in Prescriptions (New York Times 2/3/13)[…]

From Hyper to Hyper-Focused: ADHD in the Workplace This video gives some great insight for the ADHD individual as well as for the employer. Maile gives these four strategies to help cope in everyday life. Check them out. Coaching – Employers don’t be afraid to give feedback to your ADHD employee that is helpful. Invest Read more about[…]