August 6, 2010


MAREN ANGELOTTI, M.A.T., is an Academic Language Therapist and AD/HD instructor for both children and adults. She is a frequently requested speaker and consultant to home school associations, educational facilities and universities around the country on the dynamics of dealing with learning differences from a biblical perspective and on the implementation of effective remediation methods.

Angelotti was born and raised in Southern California. She received Bachelors Degrees in Sociology and Theological Studies from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas.

A mother of four, Angelotti first became involved in learning different education when her daughter was diagnosed with ADD at age 11. In an effort to help her own child, she discovered the pain and confusion that many parents go through in trying to help their learning different children live a normal life.

Angelotti is the founder of Of Different Minds, Inc., an organization that provides educational seminars for both teachers and parents – offering the tools to bridge the understanding of the learning different child and the world around them.

Her first book, Of Different Minds: A Perspective Study of Learning Differences in Children, was released in January, 2009.