“This year is going to be different,” says every ADD parent on the planet!

My last post gave the perspective for what the learning different child’s sees as his point of view during the first two weeks of school. Today let’s take a look at what their parents perceive during the same two weeks. I guarantee that they are saying to themselves, “This is year is gong to be different than the last. I know that this teacher is going to go the distance because I am going the give her everything she will need to understanding my child.” This type of parent becomes known has the helicopter parent and is not the favorite for any teacher to have to deal with. This is normal for most parents whose kids struggle in school. However, parents have to come to the understanding that most teachers are not prepared to teach a learning student. Most have not received the necessary training that it takes to be effect for this population. So what’s a parent to do?

1. Ask your teacher, school psychologist or principal if they have a Certified Academic Language Therapist or Licensed Dyslexia Therapist on staff. These individuals the equivalent of the masters in this field and parents will be assure that they will get the help that their child will need.

2. If they are not available, then ask if they will let these qualified individuals onto your campus to help your student at least twice a week.

3. If not, perhaps they can come over the child’s house to help with remediation.

4. To find a C.A.L.T for your child go onto www.altaread.org and look under resource. Put in your state and see if one is close by your location.

These few steps this early in the school year will really make a big difference for your child. Don’t that this year be like last year. Get the help you need.