Why does there seem to be so much family drama?

As I mentioned last time, these kids are just wired a little different. When their neurotransmitters are not firing at their optimum then, they tend to start arguments for no apparent reason. For example, a trip to school can sound something like this.

“Are you ready for your test today, honey? “ “I don’t have a test today.” “Yes, you do. I noticed it when I read your daily calendar.” “Why were you going through my stuff?” “You had it laid out on the kitchen table. I could not help but see it. Please don’t talk to me with that tone of voice.” What tone of voice? You are always on me. And I hate you always bothering me and always into my things? I hate you!”

I am sure that you can envision this conversation or ones like it. Now imagine the parent becoming so aggravated by the tone used by her child that that child was grounded for a bad attitude. Attitude was definitely a part of this event, but how the parent responds will be the difference between success and failure for the ADHD family.

The ADHD child/adult finds relief when there drama. It helps to fire those neurotransmitters to normal leaving the rest of the family running around with their hair on fire.

Share some of your stories here to let others know that they are not along in this journey.