The ADHD child and discipline – confusing for parents


Disciplining the ADHD child is very different than disciplining a child that does not have these difficulties. I should know, I have raised four children with learning differences. ADHD was just part of their diagnosis. I speak from personal knowledge as well as book knowledge.

These kids are just wired a little differently. Their neurotransmitters are low, therefore, they do not respond to discipline as easily or quickly as another child might. They need specific boundaries put into place from a very early age. I suggest by age three to implement a program called Accountable Kids. This will get both parents on the same page and the chance to stay consistent will be greater. (IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Most families with ADHD kids will have either one or both parents with ADHD and they have never been formally diagnosed. Therefore, undiagnosed ADHD parents are parenting ADHD kids.) The key take away here is consistency. That has always been taught to parents since time began, but for the ADHD family it has to be consistency on steroids. This can prove to be difficult when the parents may find it hard to concentrate and stay focused themselves. Remember that these kids need 1500 repetitions to hold something to memory for life. So if it seems that you have told them to do something at least 100 times you still have a long way to go.

This can be a lonely and scary place for parents if there is no one to guide them through this process. Feel free to vent your frustrations here and get some answers to your questions.

Tell me how it is going in your world. The good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly.