Dyslexia – the misconceptions and the realities

I have worked with dyslexic individuals for years now. I, myself, am dyslexic and I always find it interesting when I hear individuals or even the public at large say, “Dyslexia, isn’t that when people mix up letters or something?” A little bit of knowledge can really be damaging. Allow me to give a broader picture of dyslexia. This learning difference is a neurological problem that is put into play at the sixth month of gestation. The markers are genetically placed into the brain and set in motion for the life of the individual. Dyslexia can cause difficulty with reading, writing and comprehension. If this is not remediated during the early years (5-10 years old) the dyslexic individual can hit road blocks throughout their lives.

We are fortunate now to live in a time where there are certified academic language therapist who specialize in helping this population overcome this challenge. All too often the dyslexic is also dealing with ADHD. These two learning differences seem to overlap for many people. If this is the case try to connect with someone who specializes in this field and get the help you deserve. Those individuals that will best serve the dyslexic is a C.A.L.T. (Certified Academic Language Therapist or ADD Coach.) Let me know of your challenges and we can finally put to rest the frustration and aggravation that Dyslexia can cause.