Improving Social Relationships for Adult with ADHD

ADHD individuals can be a real joy to have around when it comes to creating adventures, partying, or even coming up with grand ideas to implement in starting a new business. But when it comes to sustaining long term relationships inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and distractibility can really put a damper on things. During this blog I Read more about Improving Social Relationships for Adult with ADHD[…]

Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person

When asked what the definition of what ADHD is, most people believe that they just can’t focus and they seem to just be impulsive. In fact, the science has shown us that the anterior cingulate cortex is involved with ADHD causing poor emotional control as well as poor executive functioning. (This would include any type Read more about Living with a Hot Tempered ADHD Person[…]


In working with adults with ADHD, one thread of similarity seems to be most consistent within this population. That seems to be the inability to notice what and when ADHD becomes a problem. When the brain is moving at lightening speed all of the time, it becomes difficult to tease out what is truly important Read more about NOTICING YOUR ADULT ADHD[…]