Video Games and ADHD

This topic is a hot button for most parents and even some spouses. There seems to be nothing more aggravating than watching a loved one with ADHD become mesmerized and lost into a game for hours. They become oblivious to those around them and it can rob them of relationships and even their jobs. Unfortunately  these individuals realize this too late. When they do emerge back to reality, they often times don’t have any comprehension that they have alienated most every non gamer around them. For some, it can be almost impossible to stop this addiction.

The reason for this challenge is because they need or even crave this activity to calm down the racing thoughts of their ADHD brain. It simply helps them to relax. The trick for this brain is to be able to do everything in moderation. Set a time and decide as a family what a reasonable time would be for this activity. Then really stick to it. Your family or job may depend on it.

Write and let us know what your challenges have been in this area.

Darlene – This sounds like you are just enjoying each other. This is a good thing. It only gets a little dicey when it begins to overtake your life. Have fun with your son.